I am writing to suggest you use Melanie Kramer for your real estate agent and/or as your real estate appraiser. I have had the good fortune to work with Melanie in her role as a Paralegal in our office at Friedman & Martin for eighteen years. She has been more than an employee. She has been a friend, confidante, and like family.

Melanie’s great qualities are too numerous to list, but the ones which come to mind immediately are that she is trustworthy, hardworking, intelligent, resourceful, loyal and thorough. She is the type of person whom you can give a task to, and she will not rest until it is done, and in doing the task, she has a unique ability to do whatever is necessary to research any outside angles, always trying to make the end product of the highest quality. In our jobs as litigators, Melanie always did everything humanly possible to get the best outcome for our clients. Our clients often thanked us for Melanie’s hard work and dedication to their case. She was often the person dealing directly with the client, and she has great people skills. She could have easily been an attorney, had she chosen to go to law school.

Melanie is a “go-getter”, meaning, she worked hard to direct business to our office, and I am sure she will apply the same effort toward her business, doing whatever is necessary to successfully complete the work. If she handles your real estate matters, I am sure she will use the same effort for your work. Whether she represents you as a buyer or seller, or as an appraiser, she will work hard to do the best job possible for you.

I highly recommend Melanie for any type of work you may ask her to do. You will be very pleased with the results.

Janna Martin, Attorney At Law