Jen Ramsey

Looking for a real estate agent? Melanie Kramer is an excellent and smart choice. We whole-heartedly recommend her services. We worked with Melanie in 2006 when she helped us find the house that best fit our needs. Then in 2015 we worked with Melanie to help us sell. Both experiences surpassed our expectations. Melanie is a local expert and was full of great recommendations for service providers. When we needed to sell, our home was empty and she staged it so beautifully that we wanted to move back in! Melanie is very knowledgeable of all the ins and outs of the buying and selling process. Melanie is easy and convenient to communicate with and we always felt like we were her number one clients. Her negotiation skills and advice proved to be sound, reasonable and worked to our benefit. She always had our best interest in mind. Melanie is a wonderful person and through our working experience we consider her a friend. Choose Melanie and you will have results!

— Jen Ramsey